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 Apply Your Academic Discipline to Team Projects

Human Resource
Information Technology
Journalism & Communication
Community Service
Health Care

Develop the critical skills sought out by employers

Gain hands-on experience

Apply your academic discipline to "real world" scenarios and build the experience section of your resume.

Dominate collaborative software

Collaborative software are essential tools for today's marketplace. With GlobalEd's online internships, you will be trained and utilize collaborative software on a daily basis.

Learn how to give a webinar

Conducting an effective and powerful online presentation is a valuable asset to any employer.

Create a powerful resume for success

A LinkedIn representative will conduct a workshop on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile followed by a personalized one-on-one review of your profile in a breakout session.

Articulate your experience

Throughout our online internship we will guide you through the process of identifying the key skills and how to articulate your development of those skills in a way that will appeal to employers.

Our Mission

The mission of Global Education and Career Development Abroad is to provide opportunities for academic, personal and professional development through quality internships and education programs. Our programs are designed to enhance learning and empower students with a greater sense of self-awareness, understanding and tolerance of diverse cultural values and acquisition of marketable skill sets.

Core Value Service First
We place priority on providing attention and prompt response times to all those we service.

Building Relationships
We build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, with all participants contributing on GlobalEd programs.

We manage our organization with a strong code of ethics, honesty and transparency.

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Join our GlobalEd Alumni Network (GAiN)

After participating in a GlobalEd program, you will form part of an accomplished community of GlobalEd alumni called GAiN (The GlobalEd Alumni Network). Discover what GlobalEd's alumni are doing today, where they working and how their experience with GlobalEd has transformed their lives.