Education's most valuable asset

The real superheroes in disguise are the faculty that take their students abroad. The privilege to work with such dynamic people, receive them overseas and develop and deliver programs to meet the learning objectives of their courses is our greatest source of energy. We develop lifelong friendships with our collaborating faculty and evolve our programs each year. 

"Teaming up with GlobalEd taught me a lot about teamwork, program organization, promotion and delivery."

‚Äč- Katie Cooper
Auburn University

Faculty-led Program Support

Whatever the theme or academic discipline of your program, GlobalEd can help design, promote and deliver a program to meet nearly any budget. Below you find a simple list of areas where you will receive support.

Custom Proposals

Starting with the syllabus and learning objectives of the program we we meet nearly any budget

Housing & Meal Options

Students are typically placed with other students under our buddy system. Faculty has individual apartments


Internships are one of the best ways to develop marketable skills and complement the learning objectives of your programs

Onsite Staff

This is a team effort and GlobalEd ALWAYS has onsite staff to manage the program and student expectations so faculty can focus on teaching.

Classroom Access

Aside from the multiple activities our program has, there are a variety of classroom facilities available to meet any program needs

Pre-departure Support

This includes marketing, onsite promotion and pre-departure orientations

Activities and Excursions

We love to add activities and excursions whenever possible as they are a great way to introduce students to the local culture 

Site Visits & Guest Speakers

Site visits to local organizations and guest speakers providing sector specific knowledge is a great way to interact with the local culture

24/7 Emergency Support

The health & safety of our students, faculty & staff are our highest priority. For this reason we have an emergency response plan and 24/7 support

Liability Insurance

Our experience working with universities allows us meet the legal requirements of universities to deliver faculty-led progams

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