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    Working toward a common goal

Every interaction with GlobalEd and our members is an opportunity to grow, give, innovate, network, bond and do more than what is expected of us. 

Ways in which you can collaborate with GlobalEd


Companies provide the ultimate venue for students and young professionals to grow and learn how their academic disciplines can be applied in a "real world" scenario. GlobalEd creates programs that are designed to benefit both companies and students through our internships and online projects. If you're interested in find out how your business can benefit while helping students learn and satisfy university credits, keep reading!!!

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Join the dozens of working professionals that collaborate with GlobalEd by sharing your knowledge and inspiring our students and young professionals as they embark upon their careers. 

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Universities and GlobalEd have a common goal... to prepare students for the real world through engaging and affordable programs. GlobalEd loves working closely with universities by designing branded programs, visiting campus frequently and participating in promotional events. GlobalEd provides significant discounts to students whose universities actively promote our programs.
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The real superheroes in disguise are the faculty that take their students abroad. The privilege to work with such dynamic people, receive them overseas and develop and deliver programs to meet the learning objectives of their courses is our greatest source of energy. We develop lifelong friendships with our collaborating faculty and evolve our programs each year. 
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Once you successfully completed a GlobalEd program, you will form part of the GlobalEd Alumni Network (GAiN), a network of hundreds of likeminded individuals who have ventured outside their circle of comfort to do more than what is expected of them... to go #AbroadandBeyond!

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Become a GlobalEd Ambassador

One thing is clear, students love to hear about the experiences from other students. GlobalEd alumni can log into the GlobalEd portal and express interest in collaborating in Study Abroad Fairs, promotional events, speaking with inquiring students, or even interning with GlobalEd online or abroad.

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