• Professional Development Seminar

    Collaboration Software

Understanding the tools needed to effectively work remotely

This first seminar is part of the Onboarding Process, to make sure all program participants have the tools they need to be successful. Understanding and familiarizing yourself with these tools will invariably appeal to employers seeking candidates that can bring a working knowledge of these tools to their workforces.


We will teach you how maintaining and high level of communication with your team will involve a combination of Email, Chat, Collaborative Documents and Video Conferences.


We will discuss how working remotely involves performing both synchronously and asynchronously with your team and managing the expectations of your team will increase your employability.


Knowing what is expected of you is key to avoiding miscommunication and to critical to performing successfully. Task management software will be your team's point of reference for 

In this workshop, we discuss the tools need to work effectively remotely. Remote collaboration requires individuals working together in a coordinated fashion, towards a common goal while lacking proximity. Now more than ever, companies need workers that understand the tools needed to work effectively. Collaborative software can be synchronous or asynchronous and helps facilitate teams working together regardless of their geographic location with tools designed to aid the following.

Session Itinerary

  • What is collaborative software?
  • Essential collaborative tools
  • Successful examples of collaborative software used by corporations
  • What type of user are you?
  • Tips for incorporating CS knowledge into your resume