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    Professional Development Seminars

GlobalEd Abroad's Professional Development Seminars are interactive presentations and workshops designed to prepare students for the quickly changing requirements of the 21st century. While performing an internship with GlobalEd, students will receive a series of training sessions to build their marketability in the areas of: Team Building, Leadership, Collaborative Tools and Work Experience.

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Collaboration Software

This first seminar is part of the Onboarding Process, to make sure all program participants have the tools they need to be successful. Understanding and familiarizing yourself with these tools will invariably appeal to employers seeking candidates that can bring a working knowledge of these tools to their workforces.

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Team Dynamics

Create a foundation for understanding your own strengths and weaknesses while developing the ability to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of others (ie. co-workers, bosses, etc...) and use that knowledge to achieve the best results of any situation. 

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Remote Work

Learn from the mistakes and stories of a young professional who has been working remotely since 2015. The key to succeeding involves creating a work environment specifically for work, creating a schedule you can stick to and managing the expectations of your team.
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Building Your Resume with LinkedIn

This special resume building workshop provides an overview of how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile, what employers seek and how to adapt our online resume in a way that will boost your visibility and appeal to employers. By the end of this workshop, program participants will join breakout sessions including and received personalized feedback on their LinkedIn profile.

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How to Host a Webinar

This is a two-part workshop that focuses on helping students understand the difference between an online presentation and an in-person presentation, building awareness of the presentation tools available, and mastering the use of presentation features for delivering a presentation.

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